Group Exercise

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Group Exercise Schedule

Group Fitness Instructors

We offer a variety of group exercise classes and suggest that you design a regimen that includes some resistance training, such as Pump, Medicine Ball or Basic Toning, as well as cardiovascular classes, such as Step, Basic Cardio, Wave or Cycling. We also offer a variety of special classes that should be added as extra workouts to your basic weight training/cardio routine. Special classes include Circuit Training, Abs & Stretch, Yoga and Pilates. Instructors are available to help coordinate a program to fit your needs or make suggestions for progression. Our instructors are certified through ACE, the American Council on Exercise.

All classes are 55 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Class description:

"Abs & Stretch" 20 minutes abs & 8 minutes stretching

"Basic Cardio” A short warm-up followed by resistance training designed to tone and strengthen, using light dumbbells. Then "Step" and low impact on the floor including more reps, longer transitions and less complicated choreography.

"Pump" This class is 55 minutes and includes weight training using barbells and dumbbells. A flat, incline and decline bench are also used for assistance. Followed by a warm-up, each body part is worked for 4-5 minutes using high reps and somewhat lighter weights, therefore working your muscular endurance. The class ends with an intense 12-15 minutes of abdominal exercises. All levels are welcomed. Three pound bars are provided and 2 pound, 5 pound, 10 pound and 22 pound plates are available for progression. Instructors are available to assist you is selecting which weights might be appropriate for you.

"Pump Express" 28 minutes - A condensed version of “Pump” including: Warm-up, squats, chest, back, triceps and biceps.

"Step" Cardio performed on and off the Reebok step. Class begins with a warm-up and then progresses in intensity throughout 7 songs with #8 as a recovery song. These are followed by 12 minutes of abdominal exercises.

"Step Express" 28 minutes - A condensed version of “Step”.

"Fitness 101'' This sampler class includes weights, abs and low impact cardio. It’s a great class to help you get started. It is designed to accommodate anyone with special needs: coming off an injury, been away for a long time, seniors.etc.

"Cycling" (Indoor cycling class done to music with an instructor)

"Pilates" Designed to stretch & strengthen the deepest muscles in the body. The class encorporates abdominal, lower back and hip exercises otherwise known as your "powerhouse".
Tension rings, foam rollers and stability balls are also used. Please bring your own mat.

"Wave" This class is taught in the lap pool in deep and shallow water. It is designed to improve cardiovascular fitness, as well as, strength using the water for resistance. It is open to all levels.

"Yoga Basics" Similar to "Yoga", however taught at a slower pace with more instruction. Designed for beginners and those requiring additional assistance.

"Yoga" A vigorous and challenging practice utilizing breath and movement within a dynamic flow. Open to all levels. (Experience recommended)

"Running" classes are offered seasonally. Check the newsletter for dates and details. Additional fees apply.

"Sports Performance” is offered in 6 week sessions for groups of 10 or more at an additional cost.
See Melissa for details.

"Medicine Ball" A new class, combining 25 minutes of strength and core exercises using a weighted ball
(2-6 pounds) followed up with a cardio class, either step or cycling.

"Circuit Training" A new 50 minute class, combining abs, athletic power and speed moves, strength, cardio and a stretch at the end.

" Zumba®" combines fun, dance steps with hot Latin beats to help you shed pounds and inches. Using the principles of interval training, the simple dance moves are inspired by the traditional cumbia, salsa, samba, and merengue. The class is a combination of Latin and current music. Shoes with a smooth sole are recommended.

"Stretch" A 45 minute class consisting of stretching the body from head to toe. Class includes balance, breathing and core work. We strongly recommend that you spend a minimum of 15 minutes doing some cardio prior to class to provide maximum stretching warm muscles in a safe state. Barefoot recommended.

"Power Glutes" This 25 minute class is a perfect combination of cardio and plyometric moves while shaping your glutes.
There will be a combination of various squats and lunges followed by athletic power (jumping) moves in an interval format. All levels are welcome.